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1860 Range Township Mortality Schedule

[These were transcribed from the original sheets filled out by the enumerator. Some of the names are a guestimate. Thanks to Garnet Barton for transcribing these records.]

SCHEDULE 3.-Persons who Dies during the year ending 1st June, 1860, in Range Township in the county of Madison, State of Ohio, enumerated by me, J.S. Hume, Ass't Marshal.

  1. NAME OF EVERY PERSON WHO DIED during the year ending 1st June, 1860, whose usual place at the time of death was in this family.
  2. Age.
  3. Sex.
  4. Color. White, black or mulatto.
  5. Free or Slave.
  6. Married or Widowed.
  7. PLACE OF BIRTH, Naming the State, Territory, or Country.
  8. THE MONTH in which the person died.

Whole No of Deaths in Range Township 12

1 David S. Watkins (twin) 6 M       Ohio August   Flux (excess flow or discharge) 5
2 John A. Watkins (twin) 6 M       Ohio August   Flux 5
3 Amanda Chappell 19 F       Ohio Sept   Flux 10
4 Toland Pancake 36 M     M Ohio Oct Merchan Flux 28
5 Mitton L. Pancake 1 M       Ohio Aug   Flux 8
6 Ephraim Mewerlnde 45 M     M Pa Sept Farmer Flux 23
7 Elizabeth Bys 20 F       Ohio Sept   Flux 7
8 Isabella Cox 62 F     M Pa April   Bronchtis 30
9 John McClemans 54 M     M Pa June Farmer Apoplexy (Paralysis due to stroke) Sudden
10 Elzabeth Fisher 68 F     M Va April   Palsey (Paralysis or uncontrolled movement of muscles) 14
11 Martha J. Chenowith 8 F       Ohio Oct   Tyf Fever (Typhoid Fever) 10
12 Margaret Chenowith 3 F       Ohio Nov   Bren Clut 9

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